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Website Care Plans and Hosting

Get Peace-of-mind without the headaches.  We’ll take care of your website so you can focus on taking care of business. We include a hosting plan with our Website Care Plans since we like to make things easier for you. If you choose to host your website elsewhere, that is fine too, but the cost of the Website Care Plan will remain the same.

Pro (E-Commerce)
Fast, Reliable Managed WordPress Hosting
Extreme Performance Managed WordPress Hosting
Minor website changes (monthly)* 30 mins 60 mins Unlimited
WordPress Core Updates ✓ (monthly) ✓ (weekly) ✓ (weekly) ✓ (weekly)
Plugin Updates ✓ (monthly) ✓ (weekly) ✓ (weekly) ✓ (weekly)
Backups (Site + Database) ✓ (biannually) ✓ (monthly) ✓ (daily) ✓ (2x daily)
Security Scan
Woocommerce Updates
Woocommerce Plugin Updates
Monthly Report

* Minor changes are things such as changing a page title, improving the on-page SEO for some content, uploading images, uploading a new product. It doesn’t include things such as custom functionality, installing and configuring new plugins. Anything that changes the way the website works will be quoted on and tackled as a separate mini-project.